Unfuck the world.

Be a lover. Be a light. Be authentically yourself.


 I created this site and my YouTube channel to help others in their awakening process, raise awareness, raise the collective consciousness, and to help people across the world realize their true potential. Together we can unite the world with love by bringing stigmas and social issues into the light. By sharing our own personal stories of struggles, we show others that by being authentic we can cast away judgements. None of us are perfect. We all have skeletons in our closet. We can hide our struggles in the dark, let it eat us alive, and feel ashamed.. or we can overcome the bullshit. Pull the skeletons out, pour some drinks, and sit them on the front lawn. When you share who you are freely without fear of judgement you encourage others to speak up as well.

 You're spirit is a flame, when you find this fire inside, you find your twin flame. You've been looking for you all this time, not someone else. That's your astral body. The seed is in itself, we are Gods. Use your fire to illuminate everywhere you enter and fill it with love. The Source or God-- this Energy of Love-- has called us here to be lights, to be a star. Realize your divine potential, create art, manifest your desires. We are to here to help raise the vibration of the planet. So lead by example. Stay true to yourselves. Manifest whatever you desire and believe in yourself. We must stand up for injustice, dissolve hate, cast out injustice.. we must co-create and help God expand his universe through love but it is only possible if we stand united and overcome hate.